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Sewer Lining

If you’ve found yourself with a cracked sewer pipe, an older sewer system, leaky pipe fittings, or other issues, chances are your problems could be solved by our sewer lining services. At Option One, we offer a range of procedures utilizing cutting edge trenchless technology, and our sewer linings are no exception.

The Sewer Pipe Lining Service Process With Option One

In order to know if our sewer pipe lining services are the right solution for your sewer lines, a camera inspection is performed. In the past, sewer engineers relied on an educated guess to locate and identify your problem, a process that has now been greatly improved with the camera inspection. A small, high-definition camera is threaded into the pipe, allowing the technician to see the condition of your pipelines clearly and assess the levels of damage.

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If our Option One technicians have deduced that our sewer lining services would work to solve your problem, they will prepare the pipe to receive the liner. Hydro jetting is a deep-cleaning procedure that not only breaks down stubborn clogs, but also removes caked-on kitchen grease and smooths irregularities in the pipe from rust or mineralization. A jet of hot, highly pressurized water is shot into the pipe, similarly to power washing. This water completely eliminates the presence of waste buildup and mineral deposits, restoring the original diameter of the pipeline as well as its smooth texture, which is necessary for our sewer lining process to be completely effective and long-lasting.

Our sewer liner is now ready to be installed. Impregnated with a durable epoxy resin, the liner is affixed to the end of your sewer pipe, and high pressure forces it simultaneously inside out and into your pipe. After a brief curing period of several hours, the resin now forms what is basically a brand-new pipe, and is ready for immediate use as well. Prior to leaving your property, we will perform another camera inspection in order to make sure that the installation went smoothly and that the lining adhered to the former pipeline as expected. Easily one of our most popular and effective treatments, sewer pipe linings have a lifespan of up to fifty years, and the process is usually completed in less than a day, saving you from the hassle of labor crews and downtime.

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Our sewer linings at Option One are smooth and jointless, preventing the likelihood of clogs forming as well as resisting tree root intrusions. With a strong and durable quality, temperature fluctuations won’t adversely affect the lining, allowing it to work at maximum efficiency. With proper home care and maintenance, the lifespan of these linings can be expanded even further. Our technicians will be happy to discuss recommendations and guidelines with you in order to keep your sewer system optimal for many years to come.

Contact Option One For More Information

Whether it’s a minor problem or major repair job, Option One is ready to tackle your next challenge with professionalism and efficiency. If you’d like more information on our sewer pipe lining service, or need to speak with one of our representatives, call 1-800-905-7115 today or, contact us online. We look forward to speaking with you soon!

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