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Sewer Camera Inspection

If you’re experiencing unexplainable problems with your sewer systems, look no further than Option One for excellent solutions and results. Our sewer camera inspections will quickly get to the root of the issue, while our range of procedures using cutting-edge trenchless technology will have it cleared up in often less than a day.

When Are Sewer Camera Inspections The Most Effective?

A sewer camera inspection is used by our team at Option One prior to any other service being performed and for good reason. A camera inspection is the most important diagnostic tool held in our kit and can shave days off your job by quickly locating and identifying the problem.

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Traditionally, a long, deep trench would have been dug to reach and service your pipes. With a trenchless sewer camera inspection, only a small hole is created, through which the pipe is accessed and repaired, all of these processes kept underground. Without the camera inspection, experts were once forced to rely on an educated guess to diagnose your issue and locate it in your sewer lines. Now, our Option One engineers are able to clearly see into your pipes and resolve matters efficiently and with precision.

A small, high-definition camera is inserted into the pipe, and the images it obtains are shared with you, the customer. Based on the camera’s findings, service options will be discussed at that time.

Practical Applications

If you’ve noticed some of the following problems, a sewer camera inspection can easily expose the problems causing these symptoms and allow our technicians to come up with the best solutions:

  • Gurgling pipes
  • Suddenly low water pressure
  • Frequent, persistent slow or stagnant drains
  • Sewage odors in bathrooms or basements
  • High water bills despite regular usage
  • Persistent damp patches on basement or foundation floors
  • Persistent puddles or bright green patches of grass in your backyard

These issues could indicate serious problems, and shouldn’t be ignored. Ordering a simple sewer camera inspection will easily identify any issue, and prevent damage on a larger scale.

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Many experts recommend ordering a cleaning service and camera inspection on an annual basis to keep your sewer system functioning at an optimal level and to identify small problems early before they become major disasters later on. This proactive care for your sewer system will keep it running smoothly and extend the pipe’s lifespan as well, reducing the need for major repairs or replacements in the near future. Investing in annual sewer camera inspections with Option One will save you from spending money on extensive repair or replacement services, and we are proud to offer this services as an option for all of our customers.

Additionally, camera inspections can be highly useful prior to the purchase of a new home. Though home inspections are very thorough, they neglect to perform an in-depth examination of the sewer lines. Unbeknownst to you, you could be inheriting an old sewer system in need of replacement, pipes with leaky fittings, or heavily clogged pipelines. A camera inspection will relieve these worries and reveal the condition of the sewer system in the home you’re about to buy. This knowledge will allow you to be proactive and ensure that you are investing in a high-quality, fully-functional system.

Contact Option One!

Our highly-trained staff of engineers and technicians are ready to assist you with fast, professional service at any time. If you’d like to know more about our sewer camera inspections, or any other service we offer, we’re available to discuss your options. We look forward to speaking with you soon! Call 1-800-905-7115 or contact us online.

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