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Leak Detection

If you think you may have a leak in your home or business, contact Option One. Our team of professionals can quickly find the source of your problem without tearing apart your walls or flooring and will put your mind at ease with our precise, efficient methods.

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Signs of a Leak That We Can Detect

The symptoms of a leak are often very clear cut and easy to identify for home and business owners, but finding the source of these leaks have proven to be more of a challenge. As such, our team at Option One has risen to the challenge with services that are effective and comprehensive, keeping your home intact while also ensuring that we find the problem quickly. With our leak detection services, you can rest assured that we will be able to pinpoint the source of these troubling symptoms, including:

  • Low water pressure
  • Alarmingly high water bills regardless of water usage
  • Persistent wet patches on the floor of your basement or foundation
  • Perpetual puddles or bright green patches of grass in your yard
  • Curling linoleum or rotting areas in front of bathtubs or showers
  • Lingering odors of sewage in bathrooms or basements

Our sewer camera inspections are the most accurate - and precise - method available for detecting leaks and assessing the general health of your pipelines. Serving as a powerful diagnostic tool, we are able to greatly reduce the time needed to complete your job by offering the most minimally invasive detection procedure available.

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After the water services have been turned off, a small hole is created to reach and access your pipe. A small, high-definition camera is sent into the pipe, where it obtains clear imagery of your plumbing and allows your Option One technician to pinpoint the exact nature and location of your problem. This is one of a suite of cutting-edge procedures Option One offers, known as trenchless technology. By relying on minimally invasive processes to eliminate leaks, we can restore your business or home to proper functionality and encourage low repair costs and long-lasting, innovative solutions.

Depending on the severity of the leak, we will move forward with the best repair solution possible. Also relying on trenchless technology, our repair services will avoid the need for us to dig large trenches or break down the walls in your home to reach the pipelines. We will rely on the existing or established access points already created for our leak detection process in order to line the pipe or employ another equally practical and reliable solution. Rather than replacing the pipeline, we will recommend services to line the pipe with an epoxy resin that will seal away the leaks and ensure that, within a few hours, your home or business will be back to normal.

Call Option One

With Option One’s trenchless methods, detecting a leak in your pipes turns from a daunting procedure to a quick and easy same-day job, that happens to be minimally invasive to boot. Our highly trained professionals are ready to assist you at any time and will deliver efficient, top-notch service to your door. Don’t worry, and don’t hesitate - call Option One today at 1-800-905-7115!

Option One Plumbing and Rooter 24 Hour Emergency Service

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