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Emergency Plumber

When faced with disasters like clogged sinks and overflowing toilets, don’t worry - Option One plumbing has seen it all, and is ready to tackle your next challenge. Keeping an emergency plumber on speed dial is a great idea, not least of all because it saves you worry when catastrophe hits, and ensures your problems are solved quickly.

Option One’s Emergency Plumbers

When disaster strikes, particularly in a home full of guests, trying to fix the problem independently with snaking tools or liquid drain cleaners is not wise. Professional drain-clearing tools, though they can be purchased at your local hardware store, should not be used without proper training. Without this knowledge and experience, they can be highly dangerous to operate. Liquid drain cleaners, on the other hand, are simply not very effective and are dangerous to keep in homes as well. Their corrosive qualities can be extremely problematic for your pipelines as well. These cleaners have either caustic or oxidizing properties, regardless of whether their labels read as “drain safe” and will damage your pipes to a greater or lesser degree.

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Ostensibly, liquid cleaners work by dissolving a clog enough to flush it through the plumbing system, rather than breaking it down entirely. In reality, buyers often find themselves using multiple bottles of cleaner with little effect; for serious problems, such as a flooded basement, liquid cleaners should be bypassed entirely. Not surprisingly, such a strong chemical compound is also dangerous, particularly for pets or young children. If poured into drains, the chemicals can easily seep into groundwater, which poisons local waterways, wildlife, and your family’s drinking water. At Option One, our professionals are trained to use eco-friendly, safe tools that will preserve the integrity of your pipelines as well as your home.

Our hydro jetting services are one of the most popular drain cleaning tools that we have available, not only because of its effectiveness but because it can be applied in these dire, emergency situations. The powerful blasts of water are easily capable of cutting through large tree roots, kitchen grease blocking the pipe, and other issues that require a safe but forceful alternative to be effectively removed from your pipelines. Our hydro jetting sessions are capable of removing clogs that are several feet long and quite dense, maximizing its usefulness and ensuring that your pipelines will quickly be restored to their original diameter and water flow. For adequate, lasting repair that is also safe for your family, contact a professional.

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Most of all, if you’re faced with a serious emergency, the cause may well not be something that can be fixed with a simple snaking or clog removal service. A burst, cracked, or leaking pipe requires more attention, and at Option One, we are prepared to offer these repair services at a moment’s notice.

Call Option One For Your Emergency Needs

Though no one wants to experience a plumbing disaster, it’s best to be prepared for the worst. Option One has the tools and knowledge necessary to solve your problem fast and have your home or business back on track in no time. Give us a call at 1-800-905-7115 or contact us online.

Option One Plumbing and Rooter 24 Hour Emergency Service

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