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Drain Lining

How does a normal day turn into a disastrous one? When drains refuse to process wastewater down the pipe. When the toilet backs up and floods the bathroom. When you wake up to the foul smell of sewage.

Professional drain lining is the permanent solution that you need to resume normal life. Option One understands that these things happen, and our drain cleaning experts are always ready to resolve your drain issues. We use the latest equipment to fix your plumbing problems quickly and with minimal fuss.

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The First Step: A Drain Inspection and Cleaning

Our professional technicians make use of the patented technology and the latest camera. We set up our software technology in order to find the source of the sewer problem in as few minutes as possible. This technology allows us to get to any point of your sewer system. Best of all, there’s zero digging and guesswork!

The most common clogs residents and business establishments face are the accumulation of grime, grease and everyday food wastes. This type of plumbing issue happens more often in food-related businesses such as restaurants, fast food chains and diners. The same kind of blockage happens outdoors as well. Downspouts gather sand, soil, dirt and leaves as it channels water away from the roof. Tree roots can also get into underground pipe joints and impede the flow. Trenchless drain cleaning is the ultimate solution for clearing out a clog that presents itself time and again.

Option One makes sure the problem goes away once and for all via the latest hydro-jetting technique. This eco-friendly method of clearing out the debris uses highly pressurized water to disintegrate the source of the clog. Roots, calcified matter, scale, rust and any food wastes will be broken down immediately and carried away to the municipal processing plant. You’ll get a clean pipe that won’t give you the same problem, with all the matter that has stuck to the insides completely washed away.

There’s no doubt that we recommend hydro-jetting as the best drain cleaning solution. The pressurized water eliminates the clog and the smell, restoring the original flow at the same time. Our technicians will determine whether you just need a good drain cleaning instead of a trenchless sewer line repair to fix your plumbing. If trenchless technology is needed, we can carry out the repair as well in record time!

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Drain Lining and Repairs

One of the most important things you should when facing a backed up drain line is never to use a drain cleaning product. The environment, your family’s health and the pipe will suffer if you do. That said, if we do find a problem that a simple cleaning can’t solve like a break in a pipe or other damage, our drain lining solutions mean we can solve the problem without tearing into your walls or landscaping. Using an epoxy impregnated liner we can insert into your pipes via an existing access point we can seal any leaks or even build a new pipe inside your old one without any real loss in diameter size. This system, known as trenchless drain lining, can be completed quickly without the mess of excavation, and we are proud to specialize in it here at Option One.

Remember, its best to leave the drain jobs to the experts. If you’re concerned about you and your family’s health and safety, call our technicians and we’ll be right there to find and fix the problem. Option One has the knowledge, experience, and trusted reputation to resolve your drain concerns. Call us today for a free estimate at 1-800-905-7115.

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