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Trenchless Sewer Repair Tempe, AZ

Trenchless Sewer Repair Services in Tempe

Trenchless repair options are an effective and economical alternative to repairs that involve destroyed property as technicians cut into walls and dig long holes to remove and replace lines of pipe.

How Does Trenchless Drain Line & Sewer Repair Work?

A trenchless repair is one that prioritizes the health of your home by leaving your property as intact as possible. To this end, at Option One we always begin repairs with a sewer camera inspection. By inspection the pipeline with a waterproof camera, inserted through a drain or other small opening in the pipes, we can be certain that each repair is tailored to the problem. This takes the guesswork out of locating the repair site and warns us early on of any complications, such as fragile pipe materials and atypical sizes.

The next step in ensuring a complete repair that will be resistant to corrosion and damage is thoroughly scrubbing out the pipes. No, we still don’t need to access them directly for this. Instead, we use hydro jetting. After calibrating the hydro jetter, the technician inserts its hose and specialized into the line and effectively scrubs the pipes with water shooting out at about 4000 PSI. The multi-directional nozzle allows every inch of the pipe to be cleaned and descaled. Slow draining, inefficient sewer lines can often be solved in this way by the removal of built up substances, tree roots that have begun entering the line, and other materials and blockages. This is also a necessary preparation for pipe lining since it prevents corrosive substances from being trapped between the lining and the original pipe and causing damage.

For highly corroded pipes and to fix leaks caused by cracks, misaligned joints, and sunken pipes, cured in place pipe (CIPP) lining is the answer. It only requires one to two small holes to be dug, allowing access to the side of the problem area. Once the pipe is cleaned and dried, an exactly measured flexible lining is soaked in epoxy and then inserted into the existing pipe. This can be a small region to patch a break or it can line an entire section of the sewer line.

The flexible material is ideal for maneuvering around bends and other irregularities. Once it is in place, the Option One engineer inflates the liner so it adheres to the wall of the existing pipeline, filling in gaps and sealing off corrosion. By applying heat, we cure the epoxy into a hard, waterproof resin. The final result – a new and seamless pipe – operates as well as and better than the original. This process can also be applied in other regions of piping as a trenchless option for indoor pipe leaks.

Why Choose Trenchless Solutions With Option One Plumbing & Rooter?

By minimizing the digging – and subsequent property repair – associated with sewer line repair, trenchless options tend to be cheaper and take a fraction of the time of traditional repairs. They are nonetheless fully effective, quickly restoring your peace of mind when problems arise. When you are ready to try a better way, a trenchless way, call on Option One for more information on how we can help your Tempe home with our trenchless sewer repair technology and receive a free, flat-rate quote. Call us today!

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