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Sewer Lining Tempe, AZ

Sewer Lining Services in Tempe

The materials that move through sewer lines are highly corrosive and contain a mixture of minerals, chemicals, and greasy substances that cling to the walls of pipes. Even when the pipe is fully open to water movement, a residue tends to stay in place, causing the pipeline to deteriorate as it eats away at the material.

This can be avoided or alleviated through regular cleaning, but after many years of use or once the corrosion takes hold, the pipeline becomes more susceptible to the appearance of cracks and leaks. Option One offers a solution for Tempe residents that avoids the hassle of full pipeline replacement: sewer lining. This is a trenchless or no-dig technology that allows us to fully rehabilitate your old or degraded pipeline without damaging your property to access it.

Our Sewer Lining Process Is Fast & Effective

If you are considering sewer lining, but not sure if it is the best option for your home or business, our preliminary inspection can help you decide. Before initiating the repair, a trained Option One technician will perform a sewer camera inspection. Using a pre-existing opening in the line, we insert a waterproof camera that feeds high quality video back to our closed-caption television (CCTV) monitor. This inspection is a short and painless way for you to learn the state of your pipes, while providing the expert all information needed to efficiently repair a section of the sewer line or line the entire system.

Next, we clean out the pipeline with hydro jetting. As you may be able to guess, hydro jetting is the use of high pressured water to push out waste and remove all buildup from the walls of the pipeline. This is a necessary precursor to sewer lining because it removes materials that could otherwise be trapped between the liner and original piping and eventually cause leaks or liner collapse. Again, this process requires no new digging and takes a matter of hours.

The lining is performed using cured in place piping (CIPP). A small hole will be dug to access the affected region, but this need not be anywhere near as extensive as a complete replacement of the pipeline. Through this opening, an epoxy resin soaked fiber liner is inserted and maneuvered to the appropriate area of piping. It is pressurized, inflated, and heat cured to create a new pipe within the old, sealing off the original from further harm and leaving behind a seamless, durable replacement.

The Benefits Of Sewer Lining In Tempe

Sewer lining is not just a preventative measure but can also be used to solve the major causes of leaks, including cracks and pipe misalignment, and to prevent roots from infiltrating the pipeline. The smooth and seamless pipe lining also increases flow and diminishes the probability that chemicals will be able to latch on to the material and cause further trouble.

To learn more about the benefits of sewer lining, contact Option One for a free quote and same day service. Our certified professionals are also ready to perform this service on indoor pipes and tackle emergency plumbing as needed. We put your satisfaction and the health of your home and property first.

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