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Sewer Camera Inspection Tempe, AZ

Sewer Camera Inspection Services in Tempe

At Option One, sewer cameras are the future of pipeline inspection. By simply inserting one into a drain or other pre-existing opening in a building’s pipes, the professionals at Option One can perform a full inspection quickly and without ever needing to open a wall to access the line directly. This specialized waterproof equipment feeds back video in real time to the technician’s monitors, giving them a complete picture – quite literally – of the state of the home or business’s sewer and indoor pipelines. At Option One, our specialists are trained to detect every potential and current problem, discussing what they see with the homeowner and suggesting solutions to quickly right the situation.

The Importance & Benefits Of Yearly Pipeline Video Camera Inspections

Since sewage back-ups and pipeline leaks may have hidden causes or consequences, visual inspections should be performed before any repair or pipe cleaning. Furthermore, yearly inspections are an important step in maintaining a building’s health. This practice prevents otherwise undetectable cracks, corrosion, and increasing fragility from causing further pipeline deterioration or damage to your building in the future.

As a technique that never causes damage or requires digging into your flooring or cutting into your walls, sewer camera inspections can be performed anytime, to prevent damage during the busy winter months and to check for corrosion before the heat of summer can cause metal pipes to warp. Since the process is quick and can be performed nearly anywhere, including on sewer lines, indoor pipes, and vent stacks, it is the first step to any action taken. It can even be implemented when performing emergency repairs, eliminating common mistakes and speeding up the repair process.

How The Camera Inspection Process Works

These inspections are as simple as they sound yet yield thorough and complex results that Option One’s technicians can interpret to help you fully understand the state of your pipeline. As previously mentioned, the technician inserts a high-quality, waterproof camera attached to a flexible steel rod into the pipeline being examined. They then obtain images of the entire sewer or water system, giving our specialist the tools they require to determine the fragility and size of your pipes.

This process also reveals the extent and exact location of any damage. Obstructions can then be removed and cracked or misaligned pipes can be repaired without the guesswork that might otherwise result in a complete upheaval of a pipeline. We can therefore provide the tools and methods needed to fix the problem without risking unintentional damage. Our professionals may also sometimes find unforeseen underlying causes of these problems – such as tree root infiltration or recurring greasy buildup – that must to be dealt with in order to prevent the return of the symptom.

Finally, while this inspection method determines the cause of the problem efficiently and without hassle, Option One’s trenchless repair techniques can solve that problem in as little as a day. We prioritize your home by offering a range of repair methods that minimize or completely circumvent the damage to your property that is usually associated with pipeline repair.

Call Option One Plumbing & Rooter To Schedule A Camera Inspection Today!

Our experienced staff at Option One Plumbing & Rooter is ready to assist customers across California, including in the Tempe area. With years of experience in repair work and sewer camera inspection services, we can guarantee that our accurate diagnostics and careful jobs will meet your needs. To learn more or order your yearly sewer line inspection, call Option One today.

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