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Sewer Camera Inspection Scottsdale, AZ

Sewer Camera Inspection Services in Scottsdale

In the past, it was notoriously hard to diagnose problems with buried sewer lines in Scottsdale, as the hard clay subsoil made them difficult to access. At Option One Plumbing and Rooter, we have the solution in the form of our trenchless sewer camera inspections. Our advanced video system can peer into pipes no matter where they’re located, providing our technicians with the detailed knowledge to make the right repair, every time.

Sewer camera inspection takes the guesswork out of diagnosing sewer problems. Before this technology came into play, a technician had to rely on experience to read the often misleading sewer symptoms and determine what was wrong belowground. Even expert technicians struggled to pinpoint a leak, and it wasn’t uncommon to get well into a repair before the technician realized they were on the wrong track. Today, our camera can locate a sewer leak with laser precision, so there’s little chance of a mistake.

At Option One Plumbing and Rooter, our sewer camera inspection system combines a durable, waterproof HD camera with lightspeed fiber optic cable to give our expert technicians a real-time look at the inside of your system. Video footage collected by the camera appears instantly on an attached viewscreen, so the technician can see what’s happening in the pipes as the camera is worked through. This insight gives us a clear look at every inch of the pipeline in order for us to locate areas that are damaged or deteriorating.

The footage provided by the camera is highly detailed, so it easily exposes subtle signs that your sewer line is weakening, such as micro-fissures from heat damage, corrosion, and scale buildup from the hard water. If you’re dealing with a troublesome blockage, the camera will reveal its composition so that we’ll know the best method to remove it. No matter what type of sewer problem you have, our camera will bring it into the light so that it can be addressed efficiently. The detailed information allows our expert technicians to ensure that they always accurately diagnose every problem.

Our specialists don’t keep this important information to ourselves; we’ll gladly share the video footage with you and go over what we see so that you’ll have a clear understanding of the situation, going over the issues and the overall health of the sewer system as well. We’ll provide information on your repair options and help you identify the solution that best fits your needs and budget.

We also offer routine inspection service to monitor the condition of your sewer lines. Most sewer failures don’t happen suddenly, as the damage accumulates over time until the pipe fractures or collapses, causing major damage and expense. This is particularly true with clay sewer lines that are frequently used in Scottsdale, which develop tiny fissures from Arizona heat and drought. These cracks can be easily repaired with our pipe lining equipment, but early detection is key. Annual camera inspections will let you keep an eye on their progression, so you can decide when you’re ready to schedule the repair.

Sewer camera inspection provides the knowledge needed to ensure effective sewer repairs and maintenance. Like all of our services at Option One Plumbing and Rooter, you will enjoy fixed-rate pricing for your inspection service. Call us today to learn more about how our tools can help you!

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