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Drain Cleaning Scottsdale, AZ

Drain Cleaning Services in Scottsdale

Every day is a busy day in bustling Scottsdale, Arizona, so when your drain slows down or stops altogether, you need a fast, effective solution. Option One Plumbing and Rooter has expert technicians equipped with the latest drain cleaning technology to restore your drains to full function in less than a day, so you can get back to business as usual.

Not all drain clogs are as simple as a clog comprised of toilet paper. In reality, there are many causes for drain blockages, including not only paper products, but mineral buildup, hair, greasy clumps, and even tree roots that have infiltrated your sewer lines searching for reliable water sources during the hot, dry months in the spring and fall. We’re experts at identifying the cause of your slow drain so we can choose the best method for a reliable, long-term solution.

If your drain problem is caused a routine blockage such as paper or hair, you can take advantage of our drain cleaning snake service for efficient, affordable cleaning. In this method, we insert a metal cable that has a cutting tool at the end through an existing opening in the pipe that’s designed specifically to allow access for removing clogs. Our technician extends the cable through the pipe until it finds the obstruction, then the technician twists the cable to dig the cutter into the clog and chop it up. The small pieces will wash away down the drain, and the snake will extract any large pieces or hair clumps as it’s removed, which can then be discarded.

Most one-time drain blockages can be cleaned with the drain-cleaning snake, including household food and paper waste clogs, commercial restroom facility blockages, and restaurant grease clogs. We can typically complete a drain snaking service in just a couple of hours, so it’s a quick and easy solution. It’s inexpensive, as well, so it’s a good first choice in many situations.

If your drain keeps clogging, or if you’ve got a blockage that won’t respond to the drain-cleaning snake, we also employ reliable hydro jetting technology to remove these recurring problem. Our expert technicians use this highly-calibrated, high-pressure water drain cleaning system to not only pulverize the toughest clogs but also scour years of buildup from the inside of your pipes, returning them to their original specifications in minutes. A specialized nozzle sprays water in all directions at over 4000 PSI, a force strong enough to remove hard-water mineral buildup, tough tree roots, and corrosion. Once your sewer drain has been cleaned with hydro jetting, waste and water flow will be restored to optimum capacity.

Drain cleaning isn’t only for blockages, as low-cost preventive drain cleaning once a year will keep your drains working at peak performance, so you never have to worry about slow drains or clogs that interfere with your daily routine. In Scottsdale, the hard water can create scale in your pipes, a thick, rock-hard calcium buildup that gradually reduces your pipe diameter until blockages become a frequent occurrence. A regular hydro jetting session will clean away hard water scale before it becomes a problem and ensure that your drains operate smoothly. Option One Plumbing and Rooter has the best drain cleaning technology, and we’re glad to serve the residents and businesses in Scottsdale. Your satisfaction is our number one goal. Call us today to learn more about how we can help you!

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