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Sewer Repair San Diego, CA

Sewer Repair Services in San Diego

San Diego boasts some of the most beautiful scenery and real estate in the country, but nothing can ruin all of the joy that brings like a broken sewer pipe causing a backflow into your home or business. When you’re facing this sort of a messy problem call Option One first, we are your local experts in all things sewer pipe related. Whether you have a restaurant or commercial building, or you’re having an issue related to your home, we can handle the job.

How We Get Started

Regardless of the presumed source of your sewer problem, the first step we take whenever we’re called to a job is to inspect your pipes. We do this without needing to dig up your yard or remove fixtures through our robotic pipe cameras. These cameras can be inserted through any pipe cleanout or other existing access point allowing for inspections to be completed quickly without any need to dig. Our technicians will then assess your pipes for any damage and recommend the correct solution for whatever the issue may be. A full pipe replacement may not always be required to complete a repair, but if it is, there are two different options that we are prepared to employ as needed.

Traditional Sewer Repair

The traditional method of sewer repairs involves digging a trench along the length of your sewer lateral to allow for the removal and replacement of the damaged pipes. This is an expensive and time-consuming process that is sometimes necessary when the entire sewer system needs to be replaced. It will typically take more than three weeks to complete and as the wastewater system for the building in question will not be functional during that period, it requires a temporary relocation for the residents. Also, permits are often required for the excavation and disposal of the sewer pipes, which can further stretch this time frame. While Option One does offer this service, we typically recommend a trenchless sewer pipe solution to our customers.

Trenchless Methods of Sewer Repair

Trenchless sewer repair involved a more modern approach to sewer repairs. For this process, we first clean the interior of the existing pipes in the ground through existing cleanouts at either end of the line in question, or a small hole dug at one end. Once the pipes have been cleaned, we can line the interior with an epoxy resin that cures to form a new pipe within the existing one while sealing any existing leaks. This revolutionary process means we do not to dig large trenches or remove the old pipes keeping things far simpler for the property owner as well as speeding its completion. This method is preferred by our customers, and we are proud to be the top trenchless sewer repair company in the San Diego area.

For more information regarding the sewer repair methods, we offer at Option One and how they can help you, call our team today at 1-800-905-7115. For all of our customers in San Diego, we are prepared to provide our customers with excellent services that are affordable and serve them for many years.

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