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Sewer Camera Inspection San Diego, CA

Sewer Camera Inspection Services in San Diego

A sewer backup, broken line, or other failure is a headache for any home or business owner. Water flowing into to places it doesn’t belong is guaranteed to do damage to your walls and flooring, but wastewater or sewage flowing along with it creates a health hazard as well as adding a huge level of expense. That said, these issues can be prevented by a regular inspection of your wastewater systems, especially your sewer lateral connector. This pipe carries waste from your property to the mainline sewer under the street, and it’s where most serious issues begin.

What is a Camera Inspection

A sewer camera inspection is the best way to get a bead on what’s going on inside your pipes, and the only way to be sure that you find the source of any problem, or potential problem. This process is simple to understand, and involves the insertion of robotic camera into your home or business’ pipes from an existing access point. The camera is then sent down the drain while sending back real time video allowing our professionals to diagnose any potential issues they see. Also, as some of your pipes may run through your properties slab, or under the yard it has a GPS system in it that allows us to pinpoint the location of any trouble spots, and know exactly where we need to go to get them fixed. That means we can take the guesswork out of the repair job you need done, and are sure to get the problem fixed promptly.

It’s Crucial to Inspect Your Pipes

Whether you’ve got a sewer gas smell coming up through a drain of a full blown backup pouring into your home the first step to any successful repair is identifying the source of the problem, and the best way to do that is via an inspection. Even if it’s a just and smell coming from your pipes without getting eyes on the problem just cleaning out the drain may fix the problem temporarily, but it can hide a more serious issue like a pipe failure or break. The only way to know for sure is to see for yourself via one of our robotic cameras, and let out professionals evaluate the footage.

Why we Inspect Pipes

Simply put, sewer camera inspections get to the root of the problem, make sure you get the right fix for the problem, and allow us to inspect the pipe again after a repair is completed correctly. The only thing worse than not inspecting before you attempt a sewer repair is not ensuring the repair working properly afterwards, either way our team of trained experts at Option One has you and your property covered when it comes to anything to do with you pipes.

For more information regarding the sewer camera inspections methods, we offer at Option One and how they can help you, call our team today! For all of our customers in San Diego, we are prepared to provide our customers with excellent services that are affordable and serve them for many years. 1-800-905-7115 or contact us online.

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