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Drain Cleaning San Diego, CA

Drain Cleaning Services in San Diego

Cleaning your drains may not be the main focus of what you think about when you think about your home or business, but it’s one of these most important maintenance tasks you can undertake. The simple fact is a clogged drain can be a huge headache for anyone who has to deal with the backflow, slow water flow, or disgusting smells that can permeate from them. Thankfully, through the use of a regular cleaning service provided by Option One, we can help you avoid these sorts of problems.

What It Is

Drain cleaning is a simple process to understand, but requires professional expertise to be done properly, and can lead to more problems if not performed by an expert. Simply put, the standard approach to drain cleaning involves the insertion of a drain snake which is used to move a blockage down the pipe. While this technique solves many problems, it’s not the best way to go about ensuring a blockage is truly removed.

To do that, we use a technique known as hydro jetting. Essentially, we insert a high pressure water hose with a camera on the end into your drains, and use it blast any clogs out of the lines and down into the mainline sewer or other exits for your system. This ensures we get all of the gunk clogging your pipes out and allows us to perform a visual inspection of the pipes at the same time. That means we’ll not only get your drains cleared, but be able to identify any other issues on your pipes that may be giving you trouble.

How We Do It

This process is also non-invasive, meaning we can use an existing pipe access to get into your pipes preventing the need to dig a trench to sort out the issue. We may dig a small hole to access the end of a pipe is some cases, but there will be no large scale destruction of your landscaping or cutting into a wall to get your pipes flowing again. This saves you time and money, and in most cases, there is no need to stop using the pipes in question while they are being cleaned.

Why It’s important

Cleaning your drains with Option One is the best choice when it comes to this sort of complicated repair to your wastewater system, and can prevent some of the issues that truly ruin your day, as well as your walls and floors. When a drain doesn’t flow fast it’s a sign of a problem, and if left untreated it will back up, leading to a messy situation. Beyond the inevitable smells that come with a drain reversal, the damage wastewater can do to your property can be very expensive to fix, and at the very least will mean higher insurance premiums for you in the near term. Don’t wait for that to happen to you, schedule a regular drain cleaning as a way to keep your system healthy.

For more information regarding the drain cleaning methods, we offer at Option One and how they can help you, call our team today at 1-800-905-7115. For all of our customers in San Diego, we are prepared to provide our customers with excellent services that are affordable and serve them for many years.

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