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Sewer Camera Inspection San Bernardino, CA

Sewer Camera Inspection Services in San Bernardino

Sewer camera inspections are a state-of-the-art process and an integral element of the trenchless sewer repair procedures our team at Option One offers for our customers. Camera inspections provide a non-invasive way for our technicians to review the precise conditions inside your sewer pipeline.

There is no digging required to determine the source and location of the problem in your sewer lines. Instead, our sewer camera inspections offer a non-invasive alternative that is far more efficient and reliable. Our sewer cameras have high-resolution lenses and are waterproof devices that will capture signs of corrosion and small leaks and cracks. During the inspection, the camera is attached to an optic cable that sends the video back to the surface and allows the technician to direct the robotic treads of the camera. The technician is able to drive the camera through the pipeline, from the building to the connection with the wider municipal sewer mainline. The cable sends back a full 360-degree view of the inner circumference of the pipeline to a monitor for our technicians to review, ensuring that the entire pipeline is accounted for during the inspection.

The technician is able to diagnose and pinpoint the location of the problem without disturbing the lay of the pipe in question. Entrance to the pipeline is gained through an access point outside. This access point is a surface located, small, capped portion of the underground sewer pipeline. The homeowner does not need to know where the capped access point is located. The technician can quickly identify the location by determining the position of the building’s bathrooms and kitchen.

Utilizing the sewer camera to leave the pipeline underground and undisturbed follows the main principle of trenchless sewer repair principles and allows our diagnosis and subsequent repairs to be accurate and personalized for every situation we encounter in San Bernardino. It is possible that the problem identified through the sewer camera inspection is a clog or a heavy layer of corrosion. Under these circumstances, hydro jetting is often performed to forcefully scour the interior of the pipeline clean. After the water jetting process is completed the sewer camera is again run through the pipeline to ensure the process was performed successfully.

If cracks, misalignments, and other problems are found during the inspection that requires more thorough repairs, our trenchless solutions are readily available. The CIPP liner process consists of inserting a liner coated with an epoxy resin into the pipeline. The sewer camera is again brought in to establish that the liner is placed into the correct portion of the pipeline. The liner is then inflated, pressing the epoxy resin against the inner wall of the pipeline and holding it in position until the hardening and curing process has completed. Once the hardening process is concluded, the liner is removed. Finally, the sewer camera is robotically navigated through the pipeline to ensure that the repair was completely successful.

The sewer camera inspection is a necessary component of each trenchless sewer repair or replacement process. It is used at the beginning for a diagnosis of the damage and the cause, during repair processes to confirm proper placement, and at the end of our visit to authenticate a successful completion of our work. This dedication to accuracy and precise work allows us to work efficiently and satisfy our customers with services that are reliable and long-lasting. Contact our team at Option One for more information, and we will be happy to help.

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