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Trenchless Sewer Repair Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Trenchless Sewer Repair Services in Rancho Cucamonga

Rancho Cucamonga’s sewer system is beginning to show its age. As such, we deal with problems that other parts of the US don’t have to deal with. According to a recent survey of the areas wastewater systems, there are two types of sewer systems: separate and combined. The separate system carries only sanitary flow. The combined system carries sanitary and storm drain flow. This combined drainage is more prone to blockages and service problems. Also, the combined system is the oldest in the city and represents 20% of the city’s sewer system.

Old Sewer Systems in Rancho Cucamonga

There is a plan in place to replace the old combined sewer systems using a trenchless sewer repair method. That means that the city is investing in a solution that not only will save them time and money, it will also guarantee that the new pipes last for decades.

##How We Do It

At Option One, we specialize in trenchless sewer repair services for the entire Rancho area. We have used trenchless technology to rehabilitate and repair sewer lateral lines in the area using our patented system. We first send a camera through the pipe is question and perform a visual inspection of the interior. Once we have identified the problem, we then clean the interior of the pipe to ensure any liner we insert can properly adhere to it. At that point we insert an inflatable epoxy impregnated liner that can fill the void of the pipe and seal any leaks. Once it’s cured, we then remove the liner, leaving a new pipe within the old one.

Benefits of a Trenchless Sewer Repair Service

Traditional pipe repair methods are so ingrained in our minds that talking about a different method may be faced with resistance. No matter how effective the trenchless repair method is, unless we see the benefits one by one.

It is Faster

Digging a trench takes days. Plus the time it takes to repair or replace the damaged sewer pipe, and the time it takes to put everything back together. In the end, you’re looking at weeks of work just to patch a small sewer leak. Our trenchless solution takes hours to finish. We are in and out of your property in the same day.

It is Cheaper

The biggest cost of a traditional sewer repair is digging. Take that off the table and you save a big chunk of money. Even if the trenchless repair cost per square meter is a big higher than the traditional alternative, you can still get your entire sewer system renewed for half the cost of what the old way would have cost you.

It is Better

Digging a trench causes shifts underground that you have no way to know how they’re going to react over the years. That, and if all the repair crew did was patch up the old pipe, you have no way of knowing how long it’s going to be before you are calling the repair guys again.

Instead, we like giving our customers a guarantee that your new trenchless pipe will last at least 50 years.

It is Cleaner

This one is an obvious point, but if we don’t have to dig anything, we don’t have to make a mess. So no dealing with dirt around your property or bad sewer smells. Seriously, all that sewer water should stay underground. No need to dig it out.

Helping Rancho Cucamonga Have Betters Sewer Lines

At Option One we love helping our neighbors forget about their sewer and drainage problems. We think that the best way to do things is going trenchless. Give us a call at 1-800-905-7115 or contact us online.

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