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Sewer Repair Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Sewer Repair Services in Rancho Cucamonga

At Option One, we are here to assist our customers in the Rancho Cucamonga community when their sewer systems fail from deficiencies or experience major complications. Our trenchless-based services make the sewer repair process far more efficient and convenient than past methods and can have you and your family or employees back to business as usual in no time.

Option One’s range of procedures utilize trenchless technology, which translates to a minimally invasive, efficient experience for you and your sewer system. In the past, your backyard or concrete basement floor would need to be dug up to reach buried sections of pipe. Today, a trenchless job needs only a small access hole to service your whole sewer system; during this time, your existing pipes stay below-ground. We have a wide array of services that we employ to assist our sewer repair process and ensure that the process goes smoothly.

When we arrive on your property in Rancho Cucamonga to assess the damage and conclude with the best solution, a large component of this process is our sewer camera inspection. This inspection involves sending a camera through the pipelines through an access point, giving our technicians a clear view of the condition of the pipes. During this inspection, we take the time to locate problem areas that our repairs can address.This saves a great deal of time, and prevents potential damage from occurring in your home. After a suitable solution has been reached, we will take the time to thoroughly clean the sewer pipes of debris and waste accumulation through a hydro jetting session. Hydro jetting is a powerful tool that allows us to deep-clean your pipes, breaking down clogs and debris, such as tree roots, and stripping away built-up kitchen grease. This process not only renews the diameter of the sewer line, but also allows the pipe to be adequately prepared for the sewer repair process.

Our sewer pipe lining technique is serviceable to fix cracked, eroded, or otherwise damaged pipes, to repair leaking pipe fittings. A liner impregnated with a heavy-duty epoxy resin is introduced into the pipe. The liner is then inflated with high-pressure, and the resin coats the interior of the pipe. After a curing period of several hours, the liner is fully hardened and adhered to the inner walls of the damaged pipe and is ready to effectively act as the brand-new pipe. Our technicians will perform another inspection to check the adhesion of the epoxy to the walls and guarantee that the installation proceeded accordingly. After we have confirmed that the lining is properly installed, these new pipelines are not only durable and smooth, they are strong enough to last for at least fifty years or more, functioning at maximum efficiency without any problems. This reliability ensures that future repairs and replacements won’t be required.

Call Option One at 1-800-905-7115

Whether for minor damage or serious repairs, your Option One team is ready to provide professional, efficient service to your doorstep. Our Rancho Cucamonga office is close by, and looking forward to meeting your needs today!

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