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Sewer Repair Phoenix, AZ

Sewer Repair Services in Phoenix

A broken sewer pipe can be a nightmare for any home or business owner in the Phoenix area, but our team at Option One is here to help. Even in the dry heat of climate we live and work in, sewer pipes degrade over time from a combination of shifting ground around them, wastewater running through them, and general wear and tear. Once broken, a damaged sewer pipe can become a hazard to the health of your home or business and those inside it that needs to be urgently addressed.

How We Get Started

The first step in repairing any sort of issues with a sewer lateral is to assess the source of it. To do that, Option One use a robotic camera to inspect the pipe from the inside out. This camera, which can be inserted through an existing access point, allows our professionals to visually inspect the interior of your pipes in real time ensuring an accurate diagnosis of the problem before any work begins. This is crucial, as depending on the type of damage, it may be possible to fix sewer issues with a simple pipe cleaning as opposed to full repair. That said, if we do assess a serious pipe problem exists and needs immediate repair, we offer several solutions.

Traditional Versus Trenchless Methods

Traditionally, repairing a broken or otherwise defective sewer lateral requires the digging of a trench along the length of it to remove it from the ground and replace it with a new one. This method requires extensive permitting in most municipalities as well as taking several weeks to complete. Furthermore, during that period of time, the wastewater system for the building in question will not function, and temporary relocation may be required, While we offer this type of repair, we most often recommend the trenchless method of sewer repair.

This method has been recently developed and does not require large-scale excavation and can be completed far more quickly. This process builds a new pipe inside the existing one in the ground through the use of an epoxy impregnated liner. First, the existing pipe is washed clean through our hydro jetting cleaning services which forcefully blasts waste accumulation, debris buildup, tree roots, mineral deposits, and anything that might prevent the liner from adhering to the existing pipe walls out of the pipeline. We then insert the liner into the pipe and position it with precision before inflating it and allowing it to cure. The position of the liner is vital, as once it hardens, it will seal away any leaks or voids in the pipeline. The bladder is then removed, leaving a clean new pipe in its place meaning we can get the water flowing to where it belongs again. These newly installed pipes have a significantly longer lifespan than other pipeline materials, guaranteed to last at least fifty years or more and serve home and businesses with improved water flow while reducing the risk of clogs forming and corrosion.

If you’ve got a suspected sewer pipe problem you need identified, need a new sewer lateral, or just need a second opinion remember, Option One are the number one choice in sewer repair in the Phoenix area. If it’s in the ground and has broken down we have to tools and expertise to get it fixed fast! Give us a call at 1-800-905-7115 or contact us online for a free estimate.

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