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Sewer Camera Inspection Phoenix, AZ

Sewer Camera Inspection Services in Phoenix

Sewer pipes in Phoenix are either deep underground or hidden in walls and flooring, and with the intense summer heat, these sewer lines are more likely to experience complications. Suspecting an issue with the sewer lines not only meant heavy machinery and noise for weeks on end, but the process of identifying the problem itself was often reliant on speculation and exterior inspections that may not have always been accurate. Option One offers the latest trenchless in sewer camera inspection services. Through completely accurate, precise diagnostic procedures, we are able to properly locate problems in your pipelines without the excessive digging associated with past methods, and we are proud to offer these services for all of our customers residing in the Phoenix area.

The Newer, Better Solution

Our sewer camera inspections are designed to be minimally invasive while being completely accurate and comprehensive. Our process revolves around the Ridgid SeeSnake, an award-winning piece of equipment in the industry. All our technicians need is a small access point using any open manhole or a clean out to carry out the advanced inspection process. The camera and the attached line can get around any bend or curve inside your sewer system. Our pipe inspection employs surgical precision without the mess of traditional sewer line inspections.

With our high-quality equipment, our technicians will be able to expose the most common problems found in sewer lines and offer the best solutions for them, including:

  • Bellied or sunken pipes
  • Pipe deterioration
  • Misaligned or offset joints
  • Corrosion and cracks
  • Age-related complications
  • Tree root infestations from nearby bushes and trees.

The Value of a Sewer Camera Inspection

Our sewer line inspection comes with a complete, recorded footage and a written report. This includes details, descriptions, and snapshots of the state of your sewer line. Residential homes old and new can certainly benefit from a thorough sewer camera inspection. The value of the property you’ll be buying will be assessed. Sewer scope inspections can prove to be handy during the pre-purchase period as you will know the state of the sewer system before the deal can be completed.

If the visual inspection reveals the need to do line repairs, our professional technicians can carry out the latest trenchless solutions to resolve the issue right then and there. Disruption will be at a minimum as compared to traditional repairs. For business owners, this means that you can minimize the downtime and the loss of profits. We also do the sewer camera inspection after the trenchless solution has been done to ensure the repairs are done right. The CCTV camera measures the overall length, diameter, and material of the sewer pipes, giving you an idea of what the sewer system looks like underground.

Camera inspections are done so that you won’t have to call every now and then to fix the same problem. One leak can lead to molds, mildew and eventual property damage. You’ll save more in costs and time when you proactively find and eliminate problems early on before they can fester and become major, expensive issues later on.

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At Option One, we are a premier company that prides itself on being a vital part of the community. We treat all our customers as if they are family, and as such, we pay attention to detail and arrive promptly to fix your sewer line issues. Call now and get free estimates on all our work! 1-800-905-7115 or contact us online.

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