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Pipe Bursting Paradise Valley, AZ

Pipe Bursting Services in Paradise Valley, AZ

Option One’s pipe bursting service is a less-invasive method of pipe replacement that eliminates the need for large-scale digging. Rather than using heavy equipment to expose the full length of the damaged pipe, our underground bursting system removes the old pipe from inside its channel and installs a new one in its place without removing any of the soil above it. This process is much more efficient and less costly than traditional methods for a better customer experience overall.

One of the many reasons Option One chose to focus on trenchless sewer technology was its reduced impact on the environment, and pipe bursting is a prime example of that benefit. With traditional excavation methods, large-scale sewer projects required a deep trench hundreds of feet long, which destroyed the soil cover, trees, shrubs, and small animal habitats along the path. Mature trees were destroyed in the process, which took decades to regrow. The movement of the heavy equipment and large work crews added more collateral damage, and once the pipe replacement was finished, the long, arid scar might last for months.

Pipe bursting works almost entirely below ground, with only a small access hole at either end of the work area. We can replace pipes below trees and natural areas without disturbing them, preserving the habitats of birds, animals, and beneficial insects. Our techniques also eliminate the large areas of soil exposed to water erosion and runoff, and they eliminate excess construction waste that accumulates in landfills. Pipe bursting is much kinder to our environment, and that’s why it’s the preferred method of Option One. Trenchless pipe bursting is also gentler on your finances. The more efficient process cuts down on labor and equipment needs, which reduces the overall cost of the project. It also eliminates hundreds or thousands of dollars in re-landscaping, repaving, and tree replacement that typically accompany a sewer pipe installation, for additional savings. Most importantly, the pipe material used for the new installation following a pipe bursting removal is proven to last over 50 years and estimated to last up to 100 years, which will save you money on repairs well into the future.

The Option One pipe bursting process is a low-hassle process that begins with a sewer camera inspection of the pipe assess the damage and locate good access points. Once we’ve developed a plan of action, we’ll expose a small area at each end of the pipe to insert and remove the bursting tool. This pneumatic device is inserted and pulled carefully the through the pipe, where it breaks apart the old one and pulls the new pipe into place. The pipe is then reconnected to surrounding fittings and the process is complete. A typical repair often takes as little as one day.

If you’d like to replace your damaged pipe without destroying your valuable property features and disrupting your micro-ecosystem, call Option One Plumbing and Rooter. Our friendly, experienced technicians have the right technology to serve every customer in Paradise Valley, Arizona. We’re happy to discuss your unique needs and develop a custom solution for you!

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