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Drain Cleaning Paradise Valley, AZ

Drain Cleaning Services in Paradise Valley, AZ

Option One Plumbing and Rooter proudly provides premium drain cleaning and repair solutions for residents in exclusive Paradise Valley, Arizona. We have the technology to keep drains working correctly and quickly restore service while protecting the beauty of your property and keeping disruption to a minimum.

Option One specializes in modern, trenchless drain cleaning and repair solutions to make clearing away blockages and repairing leaking drains a quick and painless process. We’re able to use existing access points to reach problem areas without the need expose and disconnect the pipe, which significantly reduces the project time and cuts the cost of service. Our technicians are fully equipped for any drain need, including preventive maintenance to reopen pipes to full diameter, emergency drain cleaning to remove stubborn clogs, and trenchless pipe lining to rebuild damaged pipes underground. No drain situation is too difficult for Option One.

If your plumbing fixtures are draining slowly, you can take advantage of our preventive drain cleaning service to restore the pipe to full capacity before a sewer backup develops. This fast and affordable process cleans mineral and waste buildup from the interior of the pipe, removes corrosion, and clears out tree roots to return the pipe flow to like-new specifications. Preventive drain cleaning not only keeps plumbing fixtures flowing normally and eliminates recurrent clogs, but also extend the life the pipe by ending the destructive spread of roots and corrosion before they have time to weaken and crack them pipe. An annual drain cleaning can add years to your sewer system’s useful function.

The premium drain cleaning tool of choice for Option One is innovative hydro jetting technology. This advanced system uses a water hose with a specialized tip that sprays water at high pressure in all directions. The powerful jets destroy obstructions, scour away pipe buildup and corrosion, and shave roots off at the entry point to fully restore the pipe to its original diameter. Because the force of the water exceeds 4000 pounds per square inch, it must be precisely calibrated to ensure that it completely cleans the pipe without damaging walls and joints. Option One’s expert technicians are fully trained and experienced, so we can safely clean any pipe system with confidence that we’ll provide superior results.

Option One is also ready to handle your drain repair needs with our non-destructive pipe lining system. We can seal leaks, cracks, and holes as well as restore deteriorated pipes, all performed underground without the need to dig through our difficult Arizona soil. The epoxy-coated liner is inserted through the same entry points as the hydro jetting system, then positioned in the pipe and inflated. The epoxy cures in just 24 hours to form a new pipe that restores your drain to better-than-new service with expedited waste flow and long-term resiliency. Once we’ve relined your drain pipe, you won’t need to worry about it for decades.

For the best drain cleaning and repair services in the Paradise Valley, Arizona community, you can count on Option One Plumbing and Rooter. We have the newest technology and highly-skilled technicians to ensure that you’re fully satisfied with your results. Call us today to discuss your unique needs and let us develop the right solution for you!

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