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Sewer Camera Inspection La Mesa, CA

Sewer Camera Inspection Services in La Mesa, CA

If you have signs of a sewer problem and would like guaranteed peace of mind that your issues will be handled efficiently and affordably, request a sewer camera inspection from Option One Plumbing and Rooter. Our real-time virtual inspection service pinpoints problems so that they can be repaired quickly and accurately every time.

Sewer camera inspection is a modern diagnostic and analysis tool that collects high-definition video of the interior of inaccessible sewer pipes. It allows us to complete even major sewer repairs without the need to expose the pipe to locate the problem. We can take a virtual tour of the interior of the pipe even if it’s buried far out in your lawn, all through built-in access holes for cleaning out blockages. Sewer camera inspection is much more accurate than relying on evaluation of behaviors and much less destructive than physically digging out the pipe to inspect for damage, making it a far superior method of inspection.

Option One’s state of the art cameras reveal a wide variety of sewer problems so that they can be addressed promptly before they progress. We can locate and analyze the composition of obstructions or damage so that they can be more effectively resolved. Subtle signs of environmental stresses can be readily identified, such as cracking from the extremely hot and dry La Mesa summers, or tiny fissures that indicate weakening from the effects of earthquake tremors.

We can also measure the thickness of mineral, waste, or grease buildup, and we can evaluate the extent of the tree root penetration that blocks flow and damages pipes. Sewer camera inspection provides the knowledge needed to ensure that your sewer needs are completely fulfilled in the most affordable way possible.

During your inspection, our expert technician will insert a specially engineered, waterproof HD camera that is designed to withstand the wet, messy conditions inside sewer lines. The camera collects detailed video that it feed instantly along a fiber optic cable where the technician can analyze it. If you’d like, we welcome you to stand with us while we perform the inspection, so you can take a first-hand look at your unique situation to help you make the right decisions about your repair options. The Option One technician will carefully maneuver the highly-flexible camera through the pipe, peering into every nook and cranny to find the signs of a problem. After inspecting, we’ll go over our findings with you and help you choose the best solution that fits your needs and your budget.

In addition to locating the source of a current problem, sewer camera inspection is a great tool to help you avoid future issues. An annual sewer camera inspection allows us to track the progression of non-emergency issues so that you can schedule restorations at a time that works for your budget and schedule but still takes advantage of less expensive, less invasive solutions. Sewer mapping prior to renovations can help you avoid accidental damage while digging new footings or utility lines. There are many ways that our cameras can offer real benefits for our customers.

Option One Plumbing and Rooter’s sewer camera inspection system leads the way in protecting La Mesa, California residents and business owners from unnecessary repair costs. Our affordable service is available whenever you need us. Call today!

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