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Sewer Lining La Jolla, CA

Sewer Lining Services in La Jolla, CA

When your drain begins to show telltale signs of a problem lurking below your La Jolla home, Option One Plumbing and Rooter is ready with the latest sewer lining technology to restore your service quickly and easily. Our expert technicians can return your drain to peak condition in as little as one day.

What Sewer Lining Is

Sewer lining is a modern alternative to the typical dig-and-replace sewer repair procedure that eliminates the need for costly and disruptive excavation. Rather than opening a trench through your foundation and grounds to expose the pipe for removal, we’re able to restore the pipe from the inside out with an epoxy liner. Our specialized tools and repair materials fit into the pipe itself and can be introduced through a cleanout port or through the end of the pipe, so there’s minimal digging needed.

Our most commonly used sewer lining choice is inversion lining. This pipe repair system can restore a weakened or leaking pipe to full strength in just a matter of hours. We begin by inspecting the entire problem area with our sewer camera inspection tool to identify the extent of the damage. The pipe is carefully cleaned using hydro jetting, a high-pressure water cleaning method that breaks up any obstructions and blasts pipe buildup and corrosion from the interior walls.

Once the pipe is prepared, we affix a flexible sleeve to the end of the pipe that is coated with epoxy, then use either compressed air or pressurized water to invert the sleeve into the pipe. As the sleeve rolls into place, it applies the epoxy uniformly to the interior of the pipe to perfectly seal cracks and strengthen weakened areas. Over the next few hours, the epoxy cures into a durable, cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) that restores the pipe completely.

Sewer Lining Benefits

Sewer lining with Option One drastically reduces all of the annoying factors that characterize a typical sewer repair. Our services are faster, cleaner, quieter, and have a smaller footprint than a dig repair. When you choose Option One, there is no need for large, obtrusive equipment to occupy swaths of your property, blocking home, shopping, or delivery entrances. We can complete many repairs in 24 hours, so you don’t have to deal with several days of work being conducted in your home or business. You also don’t need to hire extra trash removal services to get rid of broken concrete, plants, and plumbing fixtures leftover after the repair. We keep disruption to your daily routine at a minimum.

In addition to a hassle-free service, Option One’s sewer lining technology also saves you money. The reduction in labor, equipment and restoration expenses reduces the total cost of your sewer repair by as much as 50%. The CIPP also outlasts other repair materials, enduring most earthquakes or storm surges without accruing damage. Its advanced material composition resists rust, corrosion, and heat stress, and its seamless construction repels tree root intrusion. Once we’re relined your pipe, it will last for decades, keeping your finances secure for years.

Call Option One To Learn More

For superior sewer lining service in fun and friendly La Jolla, you can count on Option One Plumbing and Rooter. We value every customer and are committed to providing the best service to each and every one. Call today so we can serve you!

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