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Drain Cleaning La Jolla, CA

Drain Cleaning Services in La Jolla

Option One Plumbing and Rooter is the preferred source for drain cleaning service in La Jolla. We have the most modern solutions to both remove tough blockages and maintain a healthy drain system. Whether you have a tough clog today or want to keep your drains functioning at full capacity, we have the tools to ensure your sewer lines never cause you concern.

Drain Cleaning With Option One

Option One’s most preferred drain cleaning service is hydro jetting, an advanced drain cleaning solution that harnesses the power of water. We insert a water hose with a highly-calibrated nozzle that sprays jets of water in all directions, then gradually work the hose through the pipe. At 4000 PSI or more, the force of the water is strong enough to break up difficult clogs and scour years of buildup from the pipe walls. Once the hydro jetting is complete, the interior of the drain is sparkling clean.

Draining cleaning with our hydro jetting technology significantly improves the sanitation of your drain. It removes biological waste, grease, and paper products that accumulate in the drain and breed bacteria. These bacteria can work their way out of drain openings to contaminate the surrounding area. We can remove all of that material to keep your drains clean and germ-free.

The Hydro Jetting Equipment & Process

Our hydro jetting services are easily able to remove various problems, including corrosion, an issue that is capable of breaking down pipeline materials over time. Corrosion forms as pipes react with saltwater, chemicals, biological materials, and even the air itself. Over time, the corrosion spreads and deteriorates the pipe until it crumbles. Annual drain cleaning service scrubs off this troublesome oxidization before it proliferates, protecting your pipe and extending its lifespan.

In addition to removing buildup and corrosion, our hydro jetting service also clears away obstructions that cause overflow and flooding. The power of the water jetting equipment allows us to break up difficult clogs and pulverize the blockage until the particles can be rinsed away. The jetting equipment is even strong enough to remove tree roots, a frequently common problem as they infiltrate drains searching for water during dry spells. Unlike drain-clearing chemicals that damage the pipe and harm the environment, our hydro jetting services use only clean, clear water, so it restores pipe function in a safe and eco-friendly way.

Hydro jetting can remove buildup and obstructions before they become a problem, making an annual drain cleaning is an essential part of your home or business maintenance cycle. A blocked or severely slow-draining sewer line can raise serious sanitation concerns, especially in La Jolla’s active hospitality industry where guests’ positive opinions are an important factor for driving business. Local research facilities depend on effective sewage removal for ensuring a controlled environment, and healthcare facilities have a multitude of sanitation requirements to ensure the safety of staff and patients. All of these can be easily maintained with an affordable, routine drain cleaning from Option One.

Call Option One

For the best drain cleaning service in La Jolla, you can rely on Option One Plumbing and Rooter. We’ve invested in the best tools and most skilled technicians to ensure top service to every customer. Call us today to discuss the best drain cleaning options for you!

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