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Sewer Repair Gilbert, AZ

Sewer Repair Services in Gilbert

Option One Plumbing and Rooter is proud to bring state-of-the-art sewer repair service to diverse, rapidly-expanding Gilbert, Arizona. We bring the most modern tools and expert technicians to repair any drain issue, from an unassuming leak to a major pipeline collapse. No matter what problem you are facing, we can restore your service immediately and keep it working well into the future.

How We Prepare For Sewer Repairs

Option One specializes in advanced, trenchless sewer repair, a new system for restoring sewer function without the need for major excavation. Rather than spending several days digging out the damaged pipe with heavy equipment, we can reinforce or replace it while it is still underground. A repair that used to take a week can now be completed in as little as twenty-four hours. In addition, with reduced labor and equipment needs, we can drop the cost of repair by as much as half, making our sewer repair services an easy choice in most situations.

For sewers that are blocked or slow-flowing, Option One can restore the drain to full service with our hydro jetting technology. This eco-friendly service cleans out obstructions with a blast of high-pressure water, removing the blockage and clearing away buildup that is narrowing the drain. Once we have completed any of our innovative sewer repair services, we can also check the pipes with sewer camera inspection to be sure we have fully addressed all your needs. This process is also effective for preparing the pipes for the lining process if it’s required.

How The Option One Team Conducts Sewer Repairs

If the pipes are worn down from old age, weakened from long-term desert heat exposure, or has developed minor cracks from sources such as tree roots or settling, the experts at Option One can restore your pipe to peak efficiency with pipe lining. This method involves the application of a high-strength epoxy coating to the inside of the damaged pipe using a soft, flexible tube. The tube is inserted into the pipe, then inflated to form a new, seamless cured-in-place pipe, or CIPP, within the old one. The CIPP strengthens the pipe and seals all the cracks, corroded areas, and small gaps, restoring the damaged pipe to better-than-new condition. A CIPP has a smooth surface that improves waste removal, plus the powerful resin material is both rust and corrosion resistant. It also leaves no room for tree root penetration or joint separation, so you can count on excellent sewer system functionality for decades.

We also offer pipe bursting, a new system for replacing severely damaged pipes right underground. We insert a specialized, air-powered tool that moves through the old pipe, breaking it up and pulling a new, high-density polyethylene pipe into the gap. The crumbled pipe bits dissolve into the soil, so there is no debris to send to landfills and little or no messy sewer water or biological waste spilled into the area around the repair. Our pipe bursting service is the best method for replacing your problem pipe with a minimum of fuss.

Contact Option One To Learn More

You can always count on Option One Plumbing and Rooter for premium sewer repair services in the Gilbert area. We have modern technology, skilled technicians, and top-quality customer care to ensure that you are satisfied with your service every time. Call us today!

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