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Sewer Repair Fontana, CA

Sewer Repair Services in Fontana

Option One Plumbing and Rooter’s sewer repair services take advantage of cutting-edge technology to afford our customers with faster results at lower prices. We have the solutions that Fontana, California businesses and homeowners need to restore their sewer system without the hassle.

How Sewer Repairs Can Be Done With Trenchless Technology

Option One specializes in trenchless sewer repair solutions, a modern methodology that takes advantage of advances in technology to restore or replace failed sewer pipes without the need for large-scale excavation. Rather than several days of digging a trench, removing and replacing the pipe, refilling the trench, and hauling away the debris, we can often correct a damaged sewer line in as little as a day or two with minimal digging that requires little or no large equipment. The simplified restoration process leads to substantial cost savings for nearly every client. Since there is no need to allocate multiple pieces of equipment and large work crews, we can cut operation and labor costs dramatically. Our methods also eliminate the need for costly property restoration after the repair of the sewer or water line is completed, such as repaving driveways or parking areas, replacing lost trees and landscaping features, or restoring gaps created in the building foundation.

Because the materials are resistant to heat damage, earthquake stress, and corrosion, they also outlast traditional sewer pipes, reducing the frequency that repairs are required. Many sewer repair projects with Option One cost about 50% the price of other providers initially and save thousands over the lifetime of the pipe.

The Types Of Sewer Line Repair Options

For the complete removal of corrosion, mineral, and waste buildup that are damaging the pipe, we offer advanced hydro jetting technology. This modern method scours away the layers of corrosive buildup with eco-friendly, high-pressure water. Hydro jetting reopens slow or clogged drains and extends the life of the pipe significantly by removing the oxidation that eats away at the pipe walls and eventually causes a fracture or collapse. If the pipe has developed fissures or gaps, we can restore the surface of the pipe with innovative sewer lining processes. Option One applies an ultra-strong epoxy material to the interior of the drain line with an expandable sleeve that forms a thin, new pipe overlay inside of the old sewer line. The cured epoxy not only strengthens the pipe and seals holes, but also improves on the pipe function with a super smooth surface that facilitates better waste removal. Like all our solutions, it usually outlasts traditional repair materials. When the pipeline cannot be restored and must be replaced, we can still complete the repair without excavation using our pipe bursting technology. This remarkable solution uses a specially engineered tool that is inserted inside of the damaged sewer line, where it breaks and removes the old pipe while simultaneously pulling in a new, HDPE pipe in its place. The pipe can be replaced below ground, even below driveways and walls, without the need to remove any property features.

Call Option One Plumbing & Rooter For Reliable & Fast Sewer Repairs

Regardless of the severity if your sewer problem, Option One Plumbing and Rooter has an innovative sewer repair solution that will quickly restore your plumbing function and save you money in the process. We’re happy to bring these modern solutions to our customers in Fontana, CA. Call us today for your consultation!

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