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Sewer Lining Fontana, CA

Sewer Lining Services in Fontana, CA

Option One Plumbing and Rooter proudly offers sewer lining solutions for homes and businesses in bustling Fontana, California. Our state-of-the-art drain repair methods go beyond simply patching a problem to actually restoring sewer lines to better-than-new condition with corrosion-proof materials that withstand earthquake damage, tree root infiltration, and deterioration for up to 50 years or more. Our technology typically corrects a sewer issue in just a day at 50% of the cost of other solutions.

What Problems Can Sewer Lining Fix?

Sewer lining with Option One can correct a wide variety of common sewer problems in the Fontana area. Our cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) lining is an effective way to rebuild pipes that have corroded due to age because it can both seal cracks and protect the pipe surface, stopping the spread of decay. The CIPP itself is rustproof and doesn’t corrode, so there is no danger of the problem recurring in a re-lined pipe. Sewer lining is also highly useful in restoring pipes that have developed fissures from earthquake tremors. The vibration of the soil stresses pipe materials, particularly older clay, or cast-iron sewer lines, which leads to a network of tiny cracks that will eventually collapse. Sewer lining essentially replaces the pipe from the inside, and the new material is resistant to earthquake damage, so it will last longer. Another common problem, tree root penetration, can be halted or prevented with Option One’s sewer lining. Roots frequently work their way into sewer line connections while searching for water in the hot, dry Fontana summertime. After cleaning away the roots, we apply a seamless lining that leaves no room for the trees to get back inside. The lining repels tree root invasion for years, effectively preventing a recurrence.

How Does Sewer Lining Work?

To apply your sewer lining solution, Option One begins by thoroughly inspecting the interior of the pipe to evaluate its condition. Our sewer camera inspection system provides real-time video that the expert technician uses to locate all areas of damage and develop an action plan for resolution. Next, the pipe is cleaned with powerful hydro jetting technology that fully removes all accumulated waste, mineral buildup, and corrosion, to create a pristine surface so the lining will better adhere to the pipe. Once the pipe is prepared, we insert a flexible sheath coated with a specialized epoxy resin into the pipe, then position it to cover all of areas in need of restoration. We expand the sheath, which presses the resin against the interior pipe walls to seal all cracks and holes and holds the resin in shape so that missing areas of pipe will be recreated, such as a pipe bottom that has completely rotted away. Over the next several hours, the epoxy cures into the new, cured-in-place pipe that not only repairs the damaged pipe but improves its effectiveness and longevity beyond its original specifications.

Call Option One Plumbing & Rooter To Learn More About Sewer Lining In Fontana

Option One Plumbing and Rooter’s sewer lining service is the most effective, affordable, low-hassle solution to most sewer problems in busy, hard-working Fontana, California. We can easily restore your pipes to peak efficiency at a cost as little as half of other options. Call us today to learn more about how we can help you!

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