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Drain Cleaning Fontana, CA

Drain Cleaning Services in Fontana

Option One Plumbing & Rooter Plumbing is proud to bring reliable, affordable drain cleaning solutions to homeowners and businesses in Fontana, California. We have a variety of tools to handle any drain problem, from a simple solid waste clog to slow drains and recurrent blockages. We will restore your service quickly at a rate that fits your budget.

What Is Drain Cleaning?

Drain cleaning is a simple, affordable way for homeowners to restore a clogged or slow drain to peak efficiency. Option One Plumbing & Rooter’s powerful technology can break up and wash away even the most difficult clogs, such as foreign objects lodged in the pipe, tree root penetration, or compacted waste and paper products. Our methods also clean buildup such as mineral and waste deposits that accumulate on the pipe walls, which will restore the pipe to its specified diameter and improve sewer flow. Fontana’s booming industrial market also benefits from an Option One Plumbing & Rooter drain cleaning. We can safely remove oil, grease, chemicals, and other transportation and factory by-products that adhere to the pipes in floor drains, storm drains, catch basins, and industrial outlets. Our skilled technicians work efficiently and accurately to ensure professional service and rapid results, helping to minimize the impact on your business productivity and reduce the discomfort of your team during a sewer problem.

How Drain Cleaning Can Benefit Businesses Across Fontana

Hospitality providers can also take advantage of our drain cleaning services to make certain that sanitation facilities are available and working effectively for guests. We can help restaurateurs and other food service providers eliminate grease buildup and obstructions from food particles that lead to slow drains and overflows. A sewer problem during a busy race weekend is a disaster for any hotel or restaurant that can easily be prevented in just a few hours with an annual, low-cost drain cleaning. For simple clogs, Option One Plumbing & Rooter offers two different types of drain cleaning methods to resolve the problem in your pipe and water lines, including:

  • Snaking
  • Hydro jetting
We insert a metal cable with a cutting tip into the plumbing and work it in until it reaches the blockage. The technician then turns the cable, which enables the cutter to chop up the obstruction so that it can be removed or washed down the drain. For many one-time clogs, this inexpensive option will handle the problem. For more difficult or recurring clogs, Option One Plumbing & Rooter has also invested in innovative hydro jetting technology to take our drain cleaning service to the next level. This high-tech drain cleaning solution uses a specialized nozzle at the end of a water hose to scour the pipes clean with pressurized water at over 4000 PSI. Hydro jetting not only obliterates clogs, but also removes the buildup from the walls of the pipe – even thick mineral deposits, heavy layers of grease or large tree roots. Our modern solution is powerful enough to remove any obstruction.

Call Option One Plumbing & Rooter For Cost-Effective Drain Cleaning Services In Fontana

Whether you’re a homeowner, an industry manager, or a hospitality provider in Fontana, California, Option One Plumbing & Rooter has the drain cleaning solution you need to make sure your sewer services are working at optimum levels. We have the tools and skill to ensure you’ll be satisfied with your results. Call us today to discuss the best drain cleaning option for your needs!

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