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Drain Cleaning Clairemont, CA

Drain Cleaning Services in Clairemont, CA

Option One Plumbing and Rooter proudly brings advanced, eco-friendly drain cleaning and repair technologies to residents and businesses in Clairemont, California. Our solutions restore drain service quickly without harmful chemicals or destructive digging.

For fast, effective drain cleaning, Option One offers hydro jetting, a modern method that goes beyond simply breaking up clogs to thoroughly clean the interior of pipes to like-new condition. Hydro jetting uses a water nozzle with jets in a unique, 360-degree circumference that emit water at forces in excess of 4000 psi. Our technicians are experts in properly calibrating and directing the flow of water to ensure effective cleaning of debris from every nook and cranny without risk of damage to sewer joints and weakened areas.

Hydro jetting service is our preferred method for removing tough obstacles to restore stopped drains to service quickly. The force of the water obliterates paper products, hair, grease, food particles, and even tree roots, then washes the particles harmlessly down the drain to instantly correct the problem without any messy cleanup. It also crumbles tough mineral buildup to restore the pipe to it’s specified diameter, eliminating recurrent clogs and slow drains immediately.

Drain cleaning is also an important part of caring from the sewer lines in your home to help extend their lifespans. Mineral and corrosion buildup steadily weaken the pipe, leaching minerals from the pipe walls until they collapse. An affordable drain cleaning removes these corrosive materials to preserve pipe integrity, which helps them last much longer and saves you money. For damaged drain pipes, Option One provides effective pipe lining restoration service. This trenchless sewer pipe repair method rebuilds the interior of the pipe walls with an epoxy formulated to resist corrosion, rust, environmental stresses such as earthquake tremors and extreme heat, and root infiltration. It seals leaks and restores damaged sections of pipes in as little as 24 hours without any major excavation. To apply the epoxy, we place a sleeve coated with the resin into the old sewer line and expand it to shape the new pipe. It cures for several hours until it forms the cured-in-place pipe that restores the pipe to better-than-new condition and lasts for decades.

Option One recommends pipe lining for a wide variety of applications in the Clairemont area. Problem drains in area homes are always our top concern and are a prime candidate for our effective, efficient, affordable pipe lining. Pipe lining is also beneficial for area retail and dining establishments because it enables your business to continue normally even while you’re having a major sewer repair onsite. The process has a small footprint, requires fewer technicians, and is quieter than other methods, so your clients won’t be distressed by excess noise and dirt during the restoration.

If your drains are malfunctioning and you need reliable, affordable, no-hassle repair service, contact Option One Plumbing and Rooter. We have a full selection of drain cleaning and repair solutions for our Clairemont customers, and our many positive reviews demonstrate our commitment to the best service we can provide. Call today!

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