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Trenchless Sewer Repair Chula Vista, CA

Trenchless Sewer Repair Services in Chula Vista

If a sewer problem is darkening your outlook in scenic Chula Vista, call Option One Plumbing & Rooter and schedule your trenchless sewer repair for a no-hassle, cost-effective solution. We have innovative tools and methods to repair your sewer without damaging your yard or landscaping by correcting the problem right in the ground. Plus, you can count on us for honest, straightforward, fixed-rate pricing so you’ll know the cost of your repair before we even begin our work.

In the past, sewer repairs couldn’t be completed without first spending several days digging out the damaged pipe so that it could be removed and replaced. In the process, extensive damage was done to the property, including removal of trees and plants, driveways, and other structures. Once the project was complete, it was left to the homeowner to foot the bill for restoring all of their lost landscaping. Our modern, trenchless sewer repair method uses openings that already built into the system to repair the damaged sewer pipe while it’s still underground. These openings, called cleanouts, are included in the design of the system to allow a technician to clear out blockages. Through these openings, we insert our tools and materials to repair the damaged sewer pipe using a specialized, ultra-strong epoxy resin. This epoxy restores pipes that are cracked, separated, corroded, or otherwise deteriorated by age. It also seals the micro-fissures that accumulate in clay or cast iron sewer lines over time from tremors and earthquakes.

To complete the repair, a soft tube coated with the resin is inserted into the pipe and inflated, forming a new epoxy pipe against the inside of the damaged one. After a few hours, the epoxy hardens into a cured-in-place pipe, or CIPP, that repels corrosion and tree roots. It also resists earthquake damage, so it lasts for decades and you won’t have to worry about sewer repairs in the near future for a long time. Trenchless sewer repair is essential for tourist-based businesses in Chula Vista because it provides a way to handle what used to be a messy, smelly, unpleasant repair without annoying or offending shoppers and visitors. A trenchless repair can typically be completed in less than a day, as opposed to days of digging for other methods, eliminating the sewer puddles, noise, and dirt associated with traditional work that would deter potential customers.

Professional, healthcare, and industrial facilities also benefit from the reduced disruption and rapid completion of trenchless repairs. A prolonged, noisy excavation project can reduce employee productivity and morale, and visiting clients must deal with distasteful odors and parking or entrances blocked by heavy equipment. Trenchless sewer repairs cause little to no disruption, so your staff can work normally, and your clients can enjoy a positive experience.

For the best trenchless sewer repair technology at affordable rates, turn to Option One Plumbing & Rooter. Our skilled, experienced technicians are ready and waiting to get your Chula Vista home or business day back to normal. Your satisfaction is our number one concern. Call us today!

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