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Pipe Bursting Chandler, AZ

Pipe Bursting Services in Chandler, AZ

For fast and easy sewer line replacement, savvy Chandler, Arizona residents and business owners know that Option One Plumbing and Rooter offers advanced pipe bursting solutions for premium results and great customer service. We have the latest technology to remove and install a new sewer line affordably while also protecting your home or business from damage and allowing your daily life to continue normally.

Trenchless pipe bursting is a new-millennium method of pipe replacement that allows pipes as long as 300 feet or more to be replaced underground without digging a trench to expose the damaged pipe. Instead, a specialized system of tools is used to break up the old pipe where it’s buried in the ground while pulling in a new pipe at the same time.

Pipe bursting offers many benefits over traditional dig-and-replace methods. It has a much smaller repair area footprint, cutting the work space needed from hundreds of feet to just a small area at either end of the damaged pipe and reducing the cost of the project by as much as 40%. We can replace pipes beneath driveways, sidewalks, parking lots, even streets and roads without the need to remove the concrete or asphalt. Vehicle and pedestrian traffic to your home or business can continue normally, even in the midst of a major sewer repair.

Option One’s pipe bursting technology is also far more environmentally friendly than other repair choices. The reduced work area prevents damage to plant life, trees, and animal habitats, ensuring the survival of small animals and birds around your home or business. It also avoids exposing large areas of soil to wind and water erosion effects, and it virtually eliminates the landfill debris that typically results from a large-scale sewer repair. Our solutions are as kind to your surroundings as they are to your wallet.

We begin every pipe bursting project with a thorough sewer video inspection of the pipe to be replaced. We then open a small access area at either end of the pipe to allow insertion and removal of the pneumatic bursting head. The tool is placed into the end of the damaged pipe and pulled through with a winch, during which it uses pneumatic pressure to burst the pipe outward into small shards that can harmlessly dissolve into the surrounding soil. At the same time, the new high-density polyethylene pipe is pulled along behind the bursting head, sliding effortlessly into the channel created by the removal of the old pipe. Finally, the pipe is reconnected to surrounding pipes and the connections are recut with a remote rotary tool to complete the installation.

Option One Plumbing and Rooter has the equipment and expertise to quickly and painlessly replace your buried sewer line, no matter what kind of obstacles block the way. We value your business in Chandler, Arizona and want to make this usually-difficult process as easy and affordable for you as we can. Call today to discuss your unique situation and we’ll develop a great solution for you!

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