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Drain Cleaning and Repair Chandler, AZ

Drain Cleaning and Repair Services in Chandler, AZ

Option One Plumbing and Rooter is Chandler, Arizona’s preferred provider for premium drain cleaning and repair services. We have modern trenchless solutions ready for both emergency drain cleaning and repair and regularly-scheduled preventive drain cleaning to avoiding drain blockages altogether.

Option One has a selection of innovative solutions for restoring optimal drain function after your pipes are already exhibiting symptoms of obstruction or damage. Our expert technicians are fully equipped to clear away buildup, break apart clogs, or restore damaged pipe walls efficiently. Like many of our services, our drain cleaning and repair solutions utilize modern trenchless technology that allows us to fully treat the problem without the need for major excavation. In most cases, we’re able to introduce our tools through cleanout doors that are build into the pipe specifically for drain cleaning, making the process fully non-destructive to save you money and protect your assets.

For removing blockages and cleaning excess buildup from the pipe walls, Option One offers hydro jetting service. This remarkable drain cleaning solution uses a special, high-pressure nozzle at the end of a long water hose, which emits water at pressures exceeding 4000 PSI. The nozzle is completely surrounded by jets, so it can simultaneously pulverize clogs ahead of it while scouring clean the pipe walls around and behind it.

Hydro jetting is strong enough to break up tree roots, large waste clogs, thick grease buildup and difficult hard water scale, a common problem in the Chandler area. The highly flexible hose allows the nozzle to be maneuvered through complex sewer lines easily, and the directional jets reach into elbow corners and drip legs that are missed by other methods. Once we’ve hydro jetted your pipe, it will be as clean and clear as the day it was installed.

If your drain problem goes beyond clogs and mineral buildup and needs repair, Option One can fully restore your pipe without trenching using our advanced pipe lining drain repair system. Rather than digging out the pipe and destroying your yard in the process, we can install an ultra-strong liner that reinforces weak, corroded areas, seal holes and cracks, and rebuilds sections of the pipe that have deteriorated or rusted away.

To line the pipe, we insert a long, soft cylinder coated with an epoxy resin into the pipe through the cleanout opening or an exposed pipe end. The cylinder is position in the pipe to cover all the damaged areas, then inflated to shape the epoxy into a new pipe that’s adhered to the inside of the old one. Over the next few hours, this resin hardens to form a brand-new, cured-in-place pipe that completely rebuilds the pipe without any major digging. The cured-in-place pipe resists rust, corrosion, extreme heat stress and drought damage, and repels tree root intrusion. Once we’ve relined your pipe, you won’t need to think about it again for decades.

For reliable, effective drain cleaning and repair in Chandler, Arizona, call Option One Plumbing and Rooter. Our expert technicians have the leading solutions for restoring your drain service, and we treat every customer as our number one client. We look forward to putting our technology to work for you!

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